Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Update to QuickFile

We are very excited to announce the release of QuickFile Version 4.1.52. This update includes both NEW FEATURES and BUG FIXES.

This is a FREE UPDATE for registered users of QuickFile 4.x.

The full list of changes is listed later in this post but I'd like to highlight two new features that many users would appreciate.

File Emails sent using BlackBerries, Iphones, Outlook Web Access (OWA) etc

The number of QuickFile users in large companies are growing rapidly. Users in these companies often send out emails from outside Outlook using BlackBerries, OWA etc. These emails are automatically synchronized to the users Sent Items folder inside Outlook.

QuickFile 4.1.52 (PRO Version) lets you display these "unfiled Sent Item emails" at the click of a button and then file them quickly using QuickFile recommended folders.

We have prepared a whitepaper that lets you get started with this feature that you can download using the link below.

You can also see other Whitepapers that we have created at:

File Emails sent using SalesForce.com, Sent on Behalf Of others etc
If you subscribe to any mailing lists or newsletters on the web, chances are that you are receiving emails that are sent using third party services such as SalesForce.Com. The sender of these emails is usually someone like bounce@infusionmail.com on behalf of a@b.com (where a@b.com is the email of the actual person).

The problem is that bounce@infusionmail.com may be sending out emails on behalf of many unrelated people thereby making filing difficult based on the Sender's address.

To get around this problem, QuickFile 4.1.52 now defaults to using the on-behalf-of-email address if one exists.

Full list of Updates in QuickFile 4.1.52
  • NEW! (PRO Version) Process Sent Items for unfiled emails sent using Blackberry Phones, Outlook Web Access, etc.
  • Emails that are sent from outside Outlook using Outlook Web Access or BlackBerry (synchronized with Outlook) does not get filed using Send&File. This new feature now allows you to process your Sent Items to highlight these unfiled emails and also provides with an easy step to file it at the same time.
  • NEW! NetDocuments icons for the folder
    QuickFile now displays the NetDocuments folder with the NetDocuments icon on it to make it easy for users to distinguish it from normal folders.
  • NEW! Supports SendTo Mail recipient
    Right-Click on a file and SendTo -> Mail Receipient. Now QuickFile Send&File is supported when emailing using this option.
  • NEW! QuickFile also supports filing on the On behalf Email Address
    When an email is sent on behalf of someone then QuickFile will file that email with respect to the person it was sent on behalf of. Previously QuickFile did filing with respect to the person who sent the email.
  • Bug Fix: Settings screen: In Data files tab, if selected Stores is selected, open settings screen click OK, all the selected stores becomes un-ticked.
  • Bug Fix: Received Date changed for emails when filing to a public folder
  • Bug Fix: Go to Tasks -> View by Categories then sort by subject. A selection change error occurred
  • Bug Fix: QuickFile ->search for something that does not exist in choose another folder -> click new folder button -> now click cancel on the new folder form -> Runtime error 5 occurs and QuickFile crashes
  • Bug Fix: Use QuickFile to file a PostItem. the recent folder is updated but the shortcut does not get updated.
  • Bug Fix: When you do QuickFile on an email, then change the email address from the drop-down on the QuickFile form and file the email. The one-click shortcut is updated on the default email address but not on the changed email address that the user picked.

Monday, October 19, 2009

URGENT Email Virus Alert

I have recently been getting a lot of emails with titles similar to:

A new setting file for the ***@*** mailbox has been released.
Microsoft Outlook Notification for the ******.******@*****.be

If you received the above email or anything similar DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK IN IT!

Turns out that the email contains a link to a file which is a Trojan that disables firewalls, steals sensitive financial data (credit card numbers, online banking login details), makes screen snapshots, downloads additional components, and provides a hacker with the remote access to the compromised system.

I did some quick research on this on the web and found the following links:

Short Solution… Check with your IT Administrator before downloading any file that claims to change your email settings!

Hope this post helps your computer stay safe.