Thursday, April 23, 2009

QuickFile: How to file your emails without interrupting your work

We are very excited to announce a MAJOR release of QuickFile for Outlook.

We recently surveyed thousands of Outlook users who told us... manual methods of email filing are DOOMED to failure because you can either file your emails or do your work.

So we created QuickFile...

QuickFile 4 is the easiest email filing system you can use with Outlook... it is so easy that it is virtually INVISIBLE. In fact our beta testers refused to go back to using the old version.

I could tell you more but, as they say, seeing is believing... We created a short 4 minutes video showing you how QuickFile removes all effort and discipline from email filing.

View Video: How to file emails in Outlook without stopping your real work


PS: You can save 25% if you purchase QuickFile before 28th April. Take a look at the video now to find out if this solution works for you.

Hidden Features in QuickFile

We have literally had hundreds of emails from QuickFile users telling us how great they find the new release… and we’ve also had quite a few emails from users wanting new features added on.

Before we go any further… If you haven’t had a look at QuickFile yet, take a look at this video now. Even if you have tried QuickFile in the past, you owe it to yourself to at least see how the new version of QuickFile makes it possible to file your emails without stopping your work.

View QuickFile for Outlook Video

Back to the hidden features of QuickFile…

THE GOOD NEWS… MOST of the features requested by users are already in the current version. They’re just turned off by default… we wanted to keep the program as clean as possible for new users.


File Original with Reply: Chances are that when you reply to an email, you would like both the reply and the original filed in the same folder. When you reply to an email QuickFile can automatically file your original to the same folder as your reply.

Reply to an existing email and click Send so that QuickFile’s Send&File screen is displayed.

Click the Show Option hyperlink (bottom right corner of screen)

Tick the box labelled File original Received Email with Sent Email.
Click Send & File.

You can also have this box ticked by default using the Settings screen

Go to your Inbox and from the QuickFile toolbar, click More -> Settings (to display the Settings screen).

Create Tasks or Appointments from Emails: This feature is available in the trial and PRO versions of QuickFile. Extra buttons (Quick-Task and Quick-Appointment) have been added to your toolbar to allow this.

To display the buttons…

Go to your Inbox from the QuickFile toolbar and click More -> Settings (to display the Settings screen)
Click on the View tab.
Tick the boxes labelled Quick-Task and Quick-Appointment.
Click OK

Use the One-Click button to Copy (instead of move) and to go to a folder: The One-Click button has got a lot of praise from users. Here’s a few extra things you can do with it.

Click on the One Click button: Moves selected email to one-click folder
Press SHIFT and Click on the One Click button: Copies selected email to one-click folder
Press CTRL and Click on the One Click button: Opens up the one-click folder

Send&File the actual email (instead of filing a copy): We’ve setup QuickFile so that when you send and file, a copy of the email is filed and another copy remains in the Sent Items folder. This was a feature DEMANDED by many users… many users like to have a copy of all Sent emails in the Sent Items folder so they can quickly refer to it to fill in timesheets etc. BUT…

You can change the default so that your actual email gets filed out of the Sent Items folder.

Go to your Inbox and from the QuickFile toolbar, click More -> Settings (to display the Settings screen)
Select File/Move Original email to folder under When Using Send&File Button.

QuickFile has many more hidden features you can turn on and off. I hope this small list helps you get started.

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QuickFile: How to file your emails without interrupting your work.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Report #2 on Email Management System is ready (Reader Tips)

Thank you all for the fantastic response to our first report titled:
8 Simple Tips for E-Mail Management in Microsoft Outlook

Readers have been coming back to me with very positive feedback PLUS many of you have come back with YOUR IDEAS to IMPROVE the system.

I have collected the best of these ideas and created a BONUS report that you can download from:

I also have two questions for those who have tried this system.

1. Does this system work for you?
2. If NOT, what are the one or two main reason you think this system fails to serve you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


PS: I really would like to hear from you if this system has failed you. Send me an email to and tell me... what are the one or two main reasons this system fails/works for you.

PSS: Don't forget to download the new report. It may contain the one piece of information that you need to get the system working for you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't let others shift their email overload to you!

"Don't allow people to believe they have solved a problem by
emailing you. It is still their problem" (Dirk)

Last week we released a new report and I asked for comments from
readers. Dirk was one of the many readers who wrote back.

Thank you all for your time and support.

It is really great to know that you found the report useful.

I will be releasing a follow-up report early next week based on all
your fantastic feedback but I felt Dirk's comment needed to be
shared immediately :)

If you still haven't read the first report, you can download it from:

8 Simple Tips for E-Mail Management in Microsoft Outlook

The follow-up report discussing your comments and ideas will be out
in a few days.

Till then... have a Happy Easter Weekend


Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Report: 8 Simple Tips for E-Mail Management in Microsoft Outlook

We have just completed our report titled:

My Inbox has been FLOODED with emails from readers who wanted to get their hands on the report... which ironically is one of the "problems" discussed in it.

This report is the result of many hours of my own research as well as a major contribution from many of you. Thank You!

Download your copy of our special report now:


PS: Download and read the report TODAY. We’re planning a Part 2 in the next few days.