Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make sure the Subject of your email is right for the recipient

There was a big jump in sales for SendGuard over the last month so this month's product tip is for SendGuard.

We did a survey last year to see what annoyed people about emails they received. Number 1 on the list was MISLEADING SUBJECTS… and most of the time the misleading subject was an accident.

First an explanation… a common cause for incorrect Subjects is… I need to send an email to someone who is not in my contact list… I find an email from them and click Reply… I type my new message but I FORGET TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

The contents of my new email have absolutely nothing to do with the original Subject!

How does SendGuard protect you from this… anytime you do a reply on an old email, SendGuard will ask you if you want to change the Subject.

How old is an old email… that's up to you. You can decide on how old the email has to be before the prompt will be triggered. SendGuard's default is 28 days and that works well for me.

To turn on this feature and/or to change the number of days:

Go to your Inbox.
Click Tools-Standss-SendGuard-Settings.
Click on the Subject Guard tab.

Change the appropriate settings and click OK.

Do you think this is a useful feature? Let us know by leaving a comment on the blog.

Outlook To Do Lists for the Disorganized: Use Emails instead of Tasks

Need to make sure that you get something done… EMAIL YOURSELF! This works much better for me then putting it on a Task List. Why? Like many people my Inbox acts as my real (or at least more immediate) Task List.

Here are some ways to get the most out of this super easy tip.

Basic Way: Just Email yourself when you need to remember to do something.

Need to follow up on an email that you are sending out to a client: BCC yourself on the email and a copy will end up in your Inbox.

From your BlackBerry or other email-enabled phone: This is my FAVOURITE. It means that I can update my To Do List from anywhere… I'm at the supermarket and remember that I need to call a client on Monday… easy… I create and send a email from my phone… and I can get back to chasing my 4 year old down the candy aisle.

Did you find this tip useful? Do you have your own creative ways of applying this tip. Leave a comment on the blog.

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