Monday, January 11, 2010

My Resolution: How to Declutter My Outlook in 2010

What’s your New Years Resolution? After failing for the last few years, I’m giving up on “losing weight this year”.

Instead my goal this year is to DECLUTTER… and I’ve already made a start with my Inbox… at the moment I have a grand total of 10 emails in my Inbox… everything else has been neatly filed away.

So how did I get my Inbox so clean… I practiced what I preached!

Last year we released an e-book titled:

The FREE e-book provides step-by-step instructions for a VERY SIMPLE email management system that will work for anyone who works with clients, projects or cases.

You can download a copy of the e-book from:

There is also a SECOND REPORT at the above link BASED ON FEEDBACK from readers of the first report plus their own ideas to improve the system.

ALL YOU NEED IS OUTLOOK… you don’t need any extra software to setup and use the email management system described in the two reports.

Warning… I am going to do a follow-up article later in the week on how I use our own email filing add-in QuickFile for Outlook to further streamline this system… you don’t have to use QuickFile but it does make it easier to keep things filed.

Whether you want to use QuickFile or not... there are tips in the report that will help you both organize and secure your email data.

Till next time, have a better Outlook

Sanjay Singh

P.S. If you are stressed by email overwhelm, email overload (it’s amazing how many words there are for stress), then download your copy of the reports today:

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